LCD HD 32" TV We. SEE 32
      LCD HD 32" TV We. SEE 32
      LCD HD 32" TV We. SEE 32
      LCD HD 32" TV We. SEE 32

      LCD HD 32" TV We. SEE 32

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      Televizorius LCD HD 32" TV We. SEE 32, žmonėms, kurie nežiūri televizoriaus. Bet kurie prakaituoja, atsipalaiduoja, žiūri nuotraukas, žiūri serialus, juokiasi, verkia, jaudinasi, džiūgauja, mokosi, varžosi, transliuoja, žaidžia, stebisi - ir tiesiog mėgsta puikų dizainą ir aukščiausią kokybę.

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      This is television, for all those who are excited, cheer, learn, fight, stream, play and admire. For the perfect balance between high-tech and slow-down. For a new perspective on what really drives you. For you. With the latest technology, the Ultra HD LED Streaming TV not only impresses with an immense colour spectrum and brilliant high-contrast images, but also with the incredible depth effect - for perfect colours and shapes from every angle. With a music output of 80 watts, the HD LED Streaming TV provides an incomparable sound experience. The new WE. SEE is made for your individual feel-good programme and is always perfectly in tune with what you need: inspiration, innovation or concentration.

      A variety of streaming content. All major streaming services at the touch of a button. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Rakuten 4K, Rai Play, ChiliTV, Freeview Play and many more in every We. SEE TV available.

      Ultra High Definition with latest HDR.We. by Loewe inspires with its ultra-slim design without compromising on picture quality. Peak luminance of up to 500 nits. Brilliant TV experience thanks to UHD resolution combined with the full range of HDR formats.

      Sound experience with Dolby Atmos. Each We. SEE TV has an up to 80-watt front-firing sound system and 4+2 drivers to guarantee a rich sound. For moments that rock.


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