Centrinė kolonėlė RESERVE R350
      Centrinė kolonėlė RESERVE R350
      Centrinė kolonėlė RESERVE R350
      Centrinė kolonėlė RESERVE R350
      Centrinė kolonėlė RESERVE R350
      Centrinė kolonėlė RESERVE R350

      Centrinė kolonėlė RESERVE R350

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      Centrinio kanalo kolonėlė yra svarbiausias bet kurios namų kino sistemos komponentas. "Reserve R350" naudoja "Polk" pavyzdinį moderniausių garsiakalbių rinkinį, kad dialogas būtų aiškus, ryškus ir suprantamas, kad ir kur kambaryje būtumėte.

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      Over 40 years of tweeter innovation, design and prototyping has led to the development of the new 1” high definition Pinnacle ring radiator tweeter featured on Polk’s flagship Legend series. Developed by Polk Audio, it delivers ultra-clear, crisp highs without unwanted colouration or distortions. The Pinnacle tweeter features a finely tuned waveguide that dramatically improves the dispersion of high frequency energy ensuring a broad “sweet spot” while the critically damped rear-chamber helps defeat any unwanted resonances.

      Polk developed the Turbine cone specifically for our flagship products to ensure the natural reproduction of the mid-range, to which human ears are particularly sensitive. The Turbine cone combines Polk’s proprietary foam core and molded Turbine geometry which dramatically increases stiffness and damping, without adding mass. With four 4” Turbine woofers, you will hear every detail and experience smooth, detailed mid-range and effortless bass.

      The versatile R350 is one of the most unique speakers in the Reserve line because it serves beautifully as a center channel and it can also be used as your left and right channel as needed. Just flip the speaker vertically and you get a multi-transducer Left or Right channel speaker. Since the R350 is wall mountable, you can enjoy flexible placement on any wall.

      Your sound is only as good as your source. With Hi-Res Audio certification, the Polk Reserve R350 slim center channel speaker delivers clear and detailed high-end response. Female vocals are particularly smooth and detailed without colouration. Plus, a minimum support of 40kHz perfectly reproduces the latest Hi-Res Audio files with improved audio extension.

      Versatile Placement: Use the R350 as the left, center or right channel in your home theatre system; 4-way wall mounts let you mount the speaker horizontally or vertically to easily fit into your space

      Pinnacle Tweeter: The new ring radiator tweeter design dramatically improves dispersion while delivering clear, crisp and natural highs

      Four 4” Turbine woofers deliver smooth and incredibly detailed mid-range imaging

      Fully Sealed Speaker Enclosure: Eliminates chuffing and distortion for crisp, clear, easy to understand sound

      Anti-diffraction Magnetic Grilles: Acoustically inert grilles offer a clean aesthetic without sacrificing sound

      Power Recommendation: 70W or more per channel power amplification is recommended to experience the best quality and performance

      Premium, Large 5-Way Binding Posts: Perfect for easy setup and ensure the most direct, efficient, and loss-less connection possible

      Hi-Res Audio Certified: Delivers clear and detailed high-end response up to 40Khz for improved high frequency signals for today’s high-quality audio and Hi-Res Audio formats (such as DSD, FLAC, WAV, ALAC and MQA)

      produkto matmenys: 762 x 141 x 188 mm

      svoris neto: 9.00 kg

      minimalus kiekis: 1 vnt.

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      Centrinė kolonėlė RESERVE R350

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